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2019 Courses
Firefighter 1 Application - Deadline to Register ~ 05/31/19                                Firefighter 1 Candidate Handbook
Firefighter 1 Skill Sheets
                 Firefighter 1 at York County Fire School: Written Test 06/14/19 1830-2230, Practical 06/15/19 0800-1700
(Applications MUST be typed, with exception of signatures)

**ALL FF 1 and 2 Applications need to be submitted to HACC**      (For the York County Test use our dates, but HACC as the test site.  Both the written and the practical will be held at the York County Fire School.)   

Firefighter 2 Application              Firefighter 2 Candidate Handbook
Firefighter 2 Skill Sheets

Class Canceled: Class has been canceled. Please do not attend.
Class Full: The class has filled to capacity. Students will be placed on a waiting list.
CE Credits: Continuing Education Credits, (M/T): Medical Trauma, (O): Other

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                                                        2019 Course Catalog

**Textbook Fee is the current price of the book at the time that class is being offered.  Course fees are subject to change.**

CE Credits: Continuing Education Credits for FR, EMTs, Paramedics, etc. (CPC): Clinical Pt Care, (O): Other

All dates and classes are subject to change. Please re-visit our website often for the latest updates.

Advanced Fire Police (AFPO): Class Fee: $26, Textbook Fee: $28 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                            This course provides instructional review of the laws pertaining to fire police powers & the expected duties which include the health, safety, and legal aspects of performance. FPOs will also be taught how to deal with people, how to manage incident response, & leadership qualities.                                                                                                   Dates: Registration Form May 22nd, 23rd, 29th, & 30th; 1830-2230                Instructor: Randy Rice                        Registration Form Nov. 4th, 6th, 11th, & 13th; 1830-2230                           Instructor: Randy Rice

Arson Awareness/Intro to Fire Scene Examination: Class Fee: $75 (16 Hours, Min. Age: 18)
PA State Fire Academy Course
Classroom course covers: scene assessment, activation of the Emergency Response System, evaluation of potential and existing water hazards, scene management, rescue vs. recovery, and personal safety measures. Course meets NFPA 1670 awareness level guidelines.                                                                                                                                                                               Dates: Registration Form Nov. 4th & 7th: 1830 – 2130, 9th, 2019; 0800-1700 Instructor: Brad Dunham

Basic Fire Police (BFPO): Class Fee: $26, Textbook Fee: $28 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                          This course provides instruction on the proper method to be appointed, the laws pertaining to fire police, fire police powers, and the expected duties of a new fire police officer.                                                                           Dates: Registration Form June 3rd, 5th, 10th & 12th; 1830-2230                          Instructor: Randy Rice

                                                                                                                                                                                               Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue (ROBR): Class Fee: $156 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)                                                         [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 2 (CPC), 1 (O)]                                                                                             Participants in this course will be introduced to characteristics of rope, rope hardware and various knots and hitches.  Students will participate in patient packaging and stokes basket handling exercises.  Students will be introduced to basic haul and lowering systems and their practical uses.  Most of the program is hands on and time is allotted for practice to build proficiency.                                                                                                                          Dates: Registration Form Sept. 24th & 26th; 1830–2230 & 28th; 0800-1700         Instructor: Will Shaver

Building Construction - Combustible: Class Fee: $42 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)                                                          This course focuses on Type III, Type IV and Type V constructed buildings and what the first-in firefighter as well as the new and experienced officer need to know about the hazards associated with these types of construction.  Student will be introduced to recognizing combustible construction prior to entering the structure as well as receiving an introduction to building codes associated with combustible construction, the collapse potential and fire behavior one can expect when working in this environment.  A homework assignment must be completed to pass this course.                                                                                                                                                                        Dates: Registration Form Nov. 7th & 14th; 1830–2230 & 17th; 0800–1700              Instructor: Bob Sells

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT): Class Fee: $84 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                   [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 16 EMSVO, (or 16 Other if EMSVO is not needed)]                                       The goal of this program is to stimulate the thought processes of the students and to make them aware of the potential tragedy, financial loss, legal, and moral responsibilities that they have when operating emergency vehicles. The program will verify proficiency in both the knowledge of driving and emergency vehicle and the practical application to emergency vehicle driving.                                                                                                                                                You must bring an emergency vehicle for the driving portion.                                                                           Dates:  Registration Form June 1st & 8th; 0800–1700                 Instructor: Randy Rice                                                                    Registration Form Aug. 3rd & 4th; 0800–1700                 Instructor: Randy Rice                                                                                  Registration Form Sept. 30th & Oct. 2nd; 1830–2230 & Oct. 6th; 0800–1700         Instructor: Randy Rice

Engine & Truck Operations at Dwelling Fires (ETDF): Class Fee: $260 (48Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
This class combines Engine and Truck operations to residential fires. Classroom and hands on sessions with a live fire SBS on the last day. Students will come out with Truck Company Operations 1, Engine Co Ops and an SBS certificate after completing the class.                                                                                                                                                            Turnout Gear, SCBA, Pants & Long Sleeve Shirt REQUIRED For Class                                 Dates: Registration Form July 9th & 11th; 1830-2230, July 13; 0800-1700, July 16th & 18th;  1830-2230, July 20th, 27th,  & 28th; 0800-1700                           Instructor(s): Rick Brocius, Jordan Hood, Bill Hoover

Engine Company Operations (ECOP): Class Fee: $73 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
A discussion of fire behavior and spread in structures, methods of calculating needed water flow and organizing and equipping engine company is followed by a series of "hands on" drills involving various engine company evolutions.
 Dates: Registration Form October 1st & 2nd; 1830-2230 & 5th; 0800–1700      Instructor: Will Shaver

Entry Level Intro to the Fire Service (ELIS): Class Fee: $104; Textbook Fee: $67 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)                 This entry level course is designed to introduce new firefighters to basic information including an overview of the fire service, fire service organization, firefighter safety, personal protective equipment and terrorism awareness. This is the first of four courses in the curriculum.
Dates:  Registration Form May 7th & 9th; 1830–2230 & 11th; 0800–1700           Instructor: Bob Sells                Registration Form August 20th & 22nd; 1830–2230 & 24th; 0800–1700     Instructor: John Livingston

Entry Level Fire Ground Support (ELFG): Class Fee: $156, Lab Fee: $10 (32 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)                                 This course is designed to introduce new firefighters to fire ground operation including water supply, fire hose, ropes, SCBA support, tools, communications and alarms. This is the second of four courses in the curriculum.
Dates: Registration Form May 22nd & 29th; 1830–2230, June 2nd; 0800–1700, 6th; 1830–2230, June 8th; 0800-1700, & June 12th; 1830-2230                                                                             Instructor: Bob Sells                Registration Form September 4th; 1830–2230, 7th & 8th; 0800–1700, 11th; 1830–2230 & Sept. 14th; 0800–1700                                                                                                                        Instructor: John Livingston

Entry Level Exterior Firefighter (ELEF): Class Fee: $188 (52 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)
This course is designed to introduce new firefighters to exterior fire ground operations including ladders, forcible entry, fire behavior, fire extinguishers, SCBA, fire streams, hose line advancement, and utility control. This is the third of four courses in the curriculum.                                                                                                                                                      Dates: Registration Form June 18th & 20th; 1830-2230, 23rd, 0800-1700, 26th; 1830-2230, June 30th;0800–1700, & July 2nd, 8th, & 10th; 1830–2230,    July 14th; 0800–1700, & July 16th; 1830-2230                                                                                                                        Instructor: Bob Sells                        Registration Form October 2nd; 1830 – 2230, 6th; 0800 – 1700, 9th; 1830 – 2230, 12th & 13th; 0800-1700, 16th; 1830-2230, 19th & 20th; 0800 -1700                                                                 Instructor: John Livingston

Entry Level Interior Firefighter & Structural Burn (ELIF+SBS): Class Fee: $396                                                            (56 Hrs, Min. Age: 18 at the start of class)
This course is designed to introduce new firefighters to interior fire ground operations, SCBA, search & rescue, ventilation techniques, fire suppression, salvage, protective systems, and firefighter survival. This is the fourth of five courses in the curriculum. This course will also include fire attack techniques, using safe firefighting practices in a Live Fire environment.
                Turnout Gear, SCBA, Pants & Long Sleeve Shirt  REQUIRED For Every Class                                         Dates: Registration Form April 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th, 18th, 23rd, 25th; 1830 – 2230, 27th; 0800 –1700, 29th; 1830-2230, May 1st, 7th, & 9th; 1830-2230                                                              Instructor: Bill Hoover                 Registration Form August 6th & 8th; 1830-2230, 10th; 0800-1700, 13th & 15th; 1830-2230, 17th  & 18th; 0800-1700, 21st & 22nd; 1830-2230, 25th; 0800-1700                                                         Instructor: Bob Sells                  Registration Form November 6th; 1830 – 2230, 10th; 0800–1700, 13th; 1830 – 2230, 16th;  0800 – 1700, 19th & 20th; 1830 – 2230, 23rd & 24th; 0800–1700                                                       Instructor: John Livingston 

Fire Attack in Attic Fires: Class Fee: $125 (8 Hrs, Min. Age, 18)                                                                                    This course will build upon the students' knowledge and skills of structural fire fighting by focusing on the hazards associated in attacking attic fires.                                                                                                                                               Turnout Gear, SCBA, Pants & Long Sleeve Shirt REQUIRED For Class
Dates: Registration Form May 11th; 0800-1700                                                         Instructor: Rick Brocius                 Registration Form October 26th; 0800-1700                                                 Instructor: Rick Brocius

Fire Attack in Basement Fires: Class Fee: $125 (8 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
This course will build upon the students' knowledge and skills of structural fire fighting by focusing on the hazards associated in attacking basement fires.                                                                                                                                           Turnout Gear, SCBA, Pants & Long Sleeve Shirt REQUIRED For Class                                         Dates: Registration Form April 14th; 0800-1700                                                        Instructor: Rick Brocius                                     Registration Form September 1st; 0800-1700                                  Instructor: Rick Brocius

  Fire Dynamics-Fundamentals: Class Fee: $52 (3 Hrs, Prerequisite: Exterior FF)
The course provides the firefighter the basic knowledge to reinforce the evidence based research conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and other fire service organizations. This course introduces new terminology related to fire dynamics, legacy verse modern fuel loads, new construction techniques, flow paths, door control, and ventilation that all impact fire ground operations.
                                                                                                                                                           Dates: Registration Form  April 16th, 1830-2130                                                          Instructor: Ben Rodkey 

Fire Dynamics-Strategy & Tactics: Class Fee: $52    (3 Hrs, Prereq: Fire Dynamics-Fundamentals)
This course provides the firefighter the basic knowledge of strategy and tactics and how to apply the evidence based fire research conducted by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and other fire service organizations to fire ground operations. This course introduces new terminology related to fire dynamics, ventilation, flow paths, door control, transitional fire attack, basement fires, and new concepts for developing strategy and tactics.                                                                      Dates: Registration Form April 18th, 1830-2130                                                          Instructor: Ben Rodkey

Firefighter 1 Certification Review (FFCP): Class Fee: $52 (32 Hrs)                                                                                This 32 hour program is for experienced Firefighters who wish to refresh their basic knowledge and skills in preparation for taking the written and practical National Pro-Board exams for NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 Certification.                Turnout Gear, SCBA, & Spare Cylinder REQUIRED For All Classes                                                                        Dates: Registration Form May 14th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, 30th, & June 4th and 6th; 1830-2230                                                                                                                                  Instructor: Chad Deardorff

Firefighter 1 Proboard Testing held at York County Fire School: Written Exam June 14th, 2019 from 1830-2230; Practical June 15th, 2019 from 0800-1700

First Aid / CPR / AED: Lab Fee: $75 (7 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)
American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking or sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. Students learn skills such as how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies. This course also teaches adult CPR and AED use. 
Dates:   Registration Form April 13th; 0800 – 1630                                                    Instructor: Justin Koller                  Registration Form June 8th; 0800-1630                                                         Instructor: Justin Koller                 Registration Form August 10th; 0800 – 1630                                                Instructor: Holly Frock                   Registration Form October 19th; 0800-1630                                                Instructor: Justin Koller                  Registration Form December 14th; 0800 – 1630                                          Instructor: Justin Koller

Forgotten Engine Company Culture: Class Fee: $25 (3 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                                The forgotten workhorse of today's fire service, the no non-sense Engine Company culture is a dying breed. We will discuss the aggressive ways of the Engine Company, from the meadows, to the ghettos. We will learn how to have a positive, and successful outcome at each incident. We will reinforce the basics to go further and faster to reach the ultimate goal on the fire ground.                                                                                                                                   Dates: Registration Form June 13th; 1900 – 2200                                      Instructor: Jordan Hood                 Registration Form November 21st; 1900 – 2200                                         Instructor: Jordan Hood

Haz-Mat First Responder Awareness (RIHM): Class Fee: $16 (4 Hrs, Min. Age: 14)                                                 [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 4 (O)]                                                                                                          Seven tasks have been identified as part of a process for analyzing the hazardous material problem. This course focuses on the first four tasks in this process: 1.) Detecting the presence of hazardous materials 2.) Initiating command and control activities 3.) Surveying the hazardous material incident; and 4.) Collecting and interpreting hazard and response information. 5.) The tasks not addressed in this course are discussed in other courses. This course describes how each step is performed and then asks the participants to apply the concepts presented to a particular activity so that the participants can evaluate their mastery of the concept.                                                                                       Dates: Registration Form June 25th; 1830 – 2230                                            Instructor: Larry Curry                  Registration Form September 17th; 1830 – 2230                                          Instructor: Larry Curry 

Haz-Mat Operations (NFPA 472): Class Fee $104 (24 Hrs, Min. Age: 16)                                                                        [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 5 (CPC), 5 (O)]
This course is intended to provide the student with the knowledge and skills required at the First Responder/Operations level of hazardous materials response. This course consists of both Classroom and Hands on Training (Lab) where the student will participate in various techniques to control a Haz-Mat Situation.
Dates:  Registration Form July 15th & 18th; 1830 – 2230 & 20th & 21st; 0800 – 1700                                                                                                                                                                                   Instructor: Larry Curry                Registration Form October 22nd & 23rd; 1830 – 2230, 26th & 27th; 0800 – 1700                                                                                                                                                                                   Instructor: Larry Curry

Haz-Mat Operations Refresher (HMOR): Class Fee: $26 (7 Hrs, Min. Age: 16)                                                              [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 3 (CPC), 2 (O)]                                                                                                This course will allow a Haz-Mat emergency responder at the First Responder Operations level to receive refresher training as required annually by Federal Regulation.                                                                                                      Dates: Registration Form May 11th; 0800-1600                                                          Instructor: Larry Curry                  Registration Form August 24th; 0800 – 1600                                                 Instructor: Larry Curry

Ice Rescue Awareness: Class Fee: $26 (2.5 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)    [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 1.5 (O)]
Ice rescue is dangerous! This program provides ice safety awareness information.  Topics covered include: ice formation and types of ice, personal protective equipment, medical conditions associated with cold water and cold weather, how to activate the emergency response system, and how to survive a fall through the ice.
Dates: Registration Form December 4th, 2019; 1830 – 2100        Instructor: Todd Stahl

Incident Safety Officer (ISO): Class Fee: $26 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                                              [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 5.5 (O)]                                                                                                                  The Incident Safety Officer course is focused on the incident and the role the Safety Officer plays as part of the Command Staff. The target audience is Company Officers whom are experienced in firefighter safety issues and are familiar with the Incident Command System, hazardous materials management, and related emergency operations. The program provides the student with the decision-making process and skills required to recognize unsafe acts and conditions and take appropriate corrective actions.                                                                                                           Dates: Registration Form December 9th, 11th, 16th & 18th; 1830 – 2200                    Instructor: Randy Rice

Introduction to Fire Officership (INFO): Class Fee: $78 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
Introduction to Fire Officership will give the student a basic overview of company officer responsibilities, personnel issues, their role in fire ground operations, and the development of a sound and effective administrative and fire ground organizational structure.
Dates: Registration Form March 30th & 31st; 0800 – 1700                                      Instructor: Ben Rodkey

Pump Operations 1 (PUOP): Class Fee: $52 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
This course provides the fire fighter with an introduction to basic pump construction and theory as well as operating techniques.  Emphasis is placed on getting water to the pump, getting water from the pump for hose streams, and prevention of common mistakes in pump operations.
Dates: Registration Form June 17th & 20th; 1830 – 2230 & 22nd; 0800 – 1700   Instructor: Dana Baker
 Registration Form August 26th & 28th; 1830 – 2230 & 31st; 0800 – 1700            Instructor: Dana Baker

Pump Operations 2 (PUOA): Class Fee: $52 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                                        This course is designed to instruct the student in advanced techniques of operating pumps.  Topics covered include friction loss, relay pumping, master streams, elevated master streams.                                                                          Dates: Registration Form September 16th & 18th; 1830 – 2230 & 21st; 0800–1700                                                                                                                                                                         Instructor: Dana Baker

Structural Burn Refresher: Class Fee: $84 (8 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)                                                                                  This refresher course will provide a review of fire attack, search and rescue, and ventilation techniques used in safe firefighting practices in a Live Fire environment. Information, terminology, strategies and tactics from the new PSFA Fire Dynamics programs will be included. Burn day evolutions will include “hot” run-ins with multiple crews “going to work” doing fire attack, search and rescue, and ventilation with emphasis placed on safe and effective fire ground operations.
         Turnout Gear, SCBA, Pants & Long Sleeve Shirt REQUIRED For Class
Dates:   Class Canceled  April 7th; 0800 – 1700                                                          Instructor: Bob Sells                  Registration Form September 14th; 0800 – 1700                                              Instructor: Bob Sells

Truck Company Operations 1: Class Fee: $104 (16 Hrs, Min. Age: 18)
Truck companies, regardless of whether they arrive on an aerial device, squad, or engine, are the ‘combat engineers’ of fire attack operations. This course, for experienced fire fighters, will introduce the student to the basic concept of truck company operations and duties, including organizing the delivery of truck company services, selection and use of key tools, advanced ventilation and forcible entry theory and practices, search and rescue, and other fire attack support functions.                                                                                                                                                                             Dates: Registration Form March 26th & 28th; 1830-2230, 30th; 0800-1700                                                                                                                                           Instructor: Bob Sells

Truck Company Operations 2: Class Fee: $104 (16 Hrs, Min. Age 18) 
This course will allow the student to practice and further refine his or her ability to effectively and safely perform the fire ground duties normally assigned to truck companies.
Dates: Registration Form April 23rd & 25th; 1830-2230 & 28th; 0800-1700              Instructor: Bob Sells

Vehicle Rescue – Awareness (NFPA 1670): Class Fee: $94 (24 Hrs, Min. Age: 16)                                                      [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 1 (CPC), 23 (O)]                                                                                               This course will provide awareness-level information and skills as it pertains to vehicle rescue incidents. Topics will include: general vehicle rescue function/operations, incident management of the vehicle rescue scene, vehicle anatomy, design, and construction, recognition and control of hazards relative to a vehicle accident, and the tools and equipment used at a vehicle accident/rescue incident.                                                                                                 Dates: Registration Form April 28th, May 4th & 5th; 0800 – 1700                      Instructor: Tony Clousher

Vehicle Rescue – Operations (NFPA 1670): Class Fee: $104 (20 Hrs, Min. Age: 16)                                                     [Pa DOH CE Credits: FR, EMT & ALS: 17 (CPC) 3 (O)]                                                                                                  This course will provide operations-level information and a skill as it pertains to vehicle rescue incidents. Topics will include: incident management, tools/equipment, vehicle anatomy/design, hazard control, patient access, care and packaging, disentanglement, extrication, and termination.
Dates: Registration Form May 13th; 1830-2230, May 18th & 19th; 0800-1700       Instructor: Tony Clousher

Proboard-Vehicle Rescue Awareness & Operations:
               **ProBoard: Apr. 13th -  Practical test & Apr. 14th - Written Test**                

Proboard-Vehicle Rescue Technician: Lab Fee: $75 (48 Hrs, Min. Age: 16)                                                                This program is designed to enhance the student’s ability to perform critical skill sets to meet the intent of NFPA 1006 Vehicle Rescue technician.  During this course, students will review advanced vehicle & machinery extrication theories, techniques, & challenges that involve commercial or heavy vehicles, heavy machinery to accurately & safely execute the skill sets required for professional certification Vehicle Rescue Technician.  Topics include: rescue incident management, heavy vehicles, complex extrication strategies & tactics for commercial or heavy vehicles, resource management, advanced stabilization systems, multiple uncommon concurrent hazard identification & control, special technical rescue equipment identification & application, specialized extrication tools, methods, & selection criteria, MCI patient care strategies, packaging, lifting & moving, & applicable OSHA & NFPA laws & standards. This course is designed for the experienced rescuer with a strong working knowledge of technical rescue in accordance with NFPA 1006 Chapter 10 & 1670.  The course is designed to prepare the rescuer for professional certification testing (written & practical skills) in accordance with NFPA 1006 Vehicle Rescue Technician.                                                                      **ProBoard: Oct. 5th-Practical test, Written test date TBD**                                                                                    Dates: Registration Form September 14th, 15th, 22nd, 28th, 29th & Oct. 5th; 0800-1700                                                                                                                                                                                  Instructor: Dana Baker


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